Frequently asked questions – answered

Q: Why should I slip through heavy duty resistance band?
A: It’s just fun!

Q: What the f*** is funny about slipping through a really heavy fitness band?
A: Try it while your friends are watching you and ask them why they’re laughing!

Q: Isn’t it a bit crazy to slip with your whole body through a tight and heavy workout band?
A: Yes – not only a bit!

Q: Who can participate?
A: Everybody who feels physically fit enough!

Q: What’s the difference between fitness bands, resistance bands, workout bands, exercise bands, training bands, exercise resistance loop bands, mini exercise bands … ?
A: None, you can call these rubber loops whatever you want!

Q: Must I use the official mini band or can I use a similar rubber exercise band for the slip challenge?
A: Of course you can use similar resistance bands if they’re strong and heavy enough!

Q: How strong, powerful or heavy should a resistance band be suitable for the slip challenge?
A: Stretch it with a 10 kg dumbbell. If it gains about 10 cm length it’s quite OK.

Q: How long should a resistance band be suitable for the slip challenge?
A: About 28 cm or 11 inch – unstreched! These short ones are often called mini bands.

Q: If I find a heavy resistance band wich is stronger than the officiall mini band, shall I tell you?
A: YES, please! Leave a reply or send an email to info@sliphero.com





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