Official Mini Band

You can get this mini band in three different power versions

  1. light resistance
  2. medium resistance
  3. heavy resistance

For the challenge you need the heavy resistance band.
Make sure you get the right one - no cheating ūüôā


The  heavy duty resistance band guaranties the most fun.

Best fitness bands for the slip challenge

The question is not:

  1. What are the best resistance bands ...
  2. Who makes the best exercise bands ...
  3. Where to find the best workout bands ...

for usual workouts and exercises at home or in the fitness studio?

No, the question is:

  1. What is the best fitness band for this special kind of fun workout?

The answer is easy:

  1. The stronger, shorter and heavier the funnier it is! Try and you'll know!

Of all short mini bands I've tested this strong resistance band is the heaviest fitness band I've ever seen. So I've chosen this one as the official mini band for the slip hero challenge.

Size and strength

  1. thickness: 1.6 mm
  2. width: 6.5 cm
  3. length: 29 cm unstretched
  4. length: 37 cm stretched with a 10 kg dumbbell

If you find a fitness band with similar features or even a stronger mini band, please let me know. Drop me an email to  or just leave a reply - thanks in advance.



Q: Must I use the official mini band or can I use a similar fitness band for the slip challenge?
A: Of course you can use similar resistance bands if they're strong enough!

Q: What's the difference between fitness bands, resistance bands, workout bands, exercise bands, training bands, exercise resistance loop bands, mini exercise bands ... ?
A: None, you can call these rubber loops whatever you want!


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